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Had an issue with The Iron Lion that I attempted to resolve myself, but the owner would rather act like an immature child over it. My son mistakenly made a purchase online without my permission through The Iron Lion.

I messaged them through Facebook to try and resolve the issue since the purchase was on Facebook, no response. After Paypal denied my claim because the payment was made using Friends and Family and isn't covered by them, they suggested I try and contact the store again. So I did, once again explaining the situation. Again no response and they blocked me on their Facebook page.

Never once was I rude all I did was politely explain the situation and request a refund. Since they refused to address the issue and rudely blocked me I contacted BBB and opened a case against The Iron Lion. NOW I finally got a response, from the owners personal Facebook account, as pictured below. I also included screen shots of the interaction I had with the business on the Better Business Bureau after filing a complaint.

All they tried to do is paint me as a criminal first, then a negligent parent. Meanwhile I provided reasonable explanations for everything. All of these assumptions were made without ever contacting me to get my side of the story. If they had then they would have known that my son did all of these things from my mobile phone which I let him play on occasionally.

Any smart phone user knows you can stay logged in on apps for convenience, and I am on several. That's how he had access without a password, but no one at The Iron Lion could be bothered to talk to me and find out that fact. Instead they threatened me with legal action and threatened to slander my name on social media, all over $70. I have NEVER been treated so rudely by a "professional" business in my life.

At any time they could have told me they would be unable to refund the money and I would have accepted that because it was my fault for letting me son play with my phone. However they instead chose to ignore me, block me, then threaten to slander my name on social media when I did something about it. Then after I filed a complaint with the BBB they claim they tried to get my address and tried to resolve this situation when the photos clearly show they did anything but try to resolve things.

That is unacceptable behavior and I will not tolerate being treated this way. Hope everyone else has a better experience but I will NEVER buy from this store again and will be sure to tell everyone I know how I was treated.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Iron Lion Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $70.

Preferred solution: There is no solution anymore. This company has done too much to me personally for them to EVER resolve the situation. I hope the $70 was worth it once people see how they conducted themselves as a professional business..

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